Tuesday, August 12, 2008

some updates..

Yeah after that last post about neglecting my blog, I neglected my blog again.

I pretty much adapted to being here in Victoria, I guess the slower more relaxed pace of life here is what initially attracted me to this place. Well there's also distance of places to go, everything's pretty much walking distance which I like, it's a pretty big advantage for someone who's pretty much penny-less like me.

My search for a job started over a month ago, penny-less isn't really a way to describe a person with a job, I'm simply implying that I haven't gotten one yet.

At times I feel cut off from everyone, mainly since my cellphone line was suspended due to me being unable to pay for my bill for about two months. Why, well due to that reason ^above.

One thing leads to another, my goal of a healthier me has been pretty much put on hold. No money=not being able to go to the gym or go buy my supplements .

Yeah.. this is turning into ranting..

Well on a lighter note, my fashionista side urged me to sign up for this site (and also my cousin's invitation) it's pretty neat, I like it, though I have yet to make an outfit I'd like to showoff..

soo umm yeah.. that'd be an update.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yes I know, I just started this blog and yet I've already neglected it. I'll try or at least I'll do my best to post on this on a regular basis. I guess I really need to let out my thoughts, since they tend to accumulate and eventually lead to hours of sleeplessness.

A lot has happened since my last post, the biggest thing being my change of location. I moved to Victoria about 3 weeks ago, it's around 1hr by bus, an 1:36hr by ferry then another 20mins away from where I used to live. It's been a pretty big change of setting, it's quiet here since it's much smaller than Vancouver yet I'm starting to feel at home already. There's a certain warmth that drew me here and well a certain someone that caught my eye. And no I didn't go all this way for that it's been to be with my family to, here I am once more amidst the loving noise and chaos which would be my siblings.

just to give you an idea.

That'll be all for now I guess..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

oh the randomness..

So here I am again making another attempt at blogging.

Why, don't know why really, I guess it was just one of those random thoughts which I chose to act upon. And well yes, my randomness will be a major factor in this blog, it'll determine when I decide to post, the random facts and thoughts I choose to blurt out and I guess it'll also affect the contents if this blog? meh.. yeap.

Random Facts:
- I am not of the straight male variety
- I'm a Filipino living in Canada
- I am quite the techie
- I am nostalgic at times
- I love all sorts of music
- I guess I can be considered artsy
- I like learning languages
- Nag sasalita rin ako ng tagalog

Those are pretty much all of the ones I could think of at the moment, they'll give you a slight idea of the future content of this blog I guess.