Saturday, April 12, 2008

oh the randomness..

So here I am again making another attempt at blogging.

Why, don't know why really, I guess it was just one of those random thoughts which I chose to act upon. And well yes, my randomness will be a major factor in this blog, it'll determine when I decide to post, the random facts and thoughts I choose to blurt out and I guess it'll also affect the contents if this blog? meh.. yeap.

Random Facts:
- I am not of the straight male variety
- I'm a Filipino living in Canada
- I am quite the techie
- I am nostalgic at times
- I love all sorts of music
- I guess I can be considered artsy
- I like learning languages
- Nag sasalita rin ako ng tagalog

Those are pretty much all of the ones I could think of at the moment, they'll give you a slight idea of the future content of this blog I guess.

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